Money Center Services

Enjoy the assurance that your bill payment will be processed efficiently and quickly by our Payment Center. We provide this service for Energy, AT&T, Atmos, Windjammer, and over 80 other companies. By using our Payment Center, your payment is processed faster and will not get lost in transit.

Types of bill services we offer and accept:



Direct TV

Dish Network


Sudden Link

Other Customer Services We Offer:

Need a copy? We have a self-service copier conveniently located in the front of our store.
If you need to send a fax, bring your document and we will fax along with providing a confirmation. If you need to receive a fax, have the sender fax to our store at (662) 887-1879 and you can pick up at your convenience.
We sell Western Union money orders, which are international money orders accepted all over the world.

We provide Western Union money transfers with lots of options and benefits.